Coravin Model Eleven

Coravin showed off their latest offering the Model Eleven at this years CES show in Las Vegas. Coming in just shy of $1,000 USD, the Coravin Model Eleven adds a new LED indicator light that lets you know when the wine is ready to pour and Bluetooth connectivity which will allow it to communicate with the newly developed companion app Coravin Moments.

Coravin Moments will let you monitor battery life, how much argon gas is left in the capsule or when it’s time to order new capsules. The app can also assist with pairing wines to your mood. Just tell the app what you’re planning on eating and watching or listening to and it will suggest wines for you. Coravin tapped wine journaling and discovery app maker, Delectable, to provide the wine information with in Moments, so the wine selection should be pretty vast and constantly growing.

Both the Model Eleven and Coravin Moments are expected to be released in September 2018. —JB

LEVO Oil Infuser

Bring some high-tech to your oil and butter infusions with a LEVO oil infuser. The LEVO automates the infusion process while still providing complete control of infusion time and temperature. This allows you to control the color, scent and, most importantly, flavor of your infusion creations. The LEVO is currently in the final stages of production but is available now for pre-order in three colors—black, copper and silver—and is expected to ship late May/early June. —JB

Titanium Peeler

The peeler is a simple basic tool found in almost every residential and commercial kitchen around the world. Yet, finding a good one; one that does not break easily, one that can be used in either hand, one that actually does a decent job peeling can feel somewhat elusive. New Zealand machinist, engineer and designer Warren Simpson looks to change all this. Simpson has developed a sleek modern peeler made completely from grade 5 titanium. Because the blade is made from titanium (with an optional gold titanium-nitride blade), as opposed to carbon steel or ceramic, it will not rust or break. In fact, Simpson says the blade is around 20% harder than standard blades. Both the blade and the ergonomic handle were designed symmetrically, making it capable to be used in your left or right hand and with either forward or backward movements. As an added bonus there is even a handy built-in potato eyer for removing the “eyes” when peeling potatoes. —JB
Titanium Peeler

Furtif Evercut Kitchen Knives

The knives that make up the Furtif Evercut collection by French haute cutlery brand TB Groupe are nothing less than functional works of art. Blending design and technology, TB crafted a knife that is aesthetically pleasing and extremely durable. The faceted handle provides a natural, ergonomic grip. A full tang stainless steel blade gives the knives strength and precision, while the non-stick, laser-bonded titanium-carbide surface helps maintain their sharpness—up to 25 years for the average user based on independent testing. —JB
TB Groupe