Coravin Model Eleven

Coravin showed off their latest offering the Model Eleven at this years CES show in Las Vegas. Coming in just shy of $1,000 USD, the Coravin Model Eleven adds a new LED indicator light that lets you know when the wine is ready to pour and Bluetooth connectivity which will allow it to communicate with the newly developed companion app Coravin Moments.

Coravin Moments will let you monitor battery life, how much argon gas is left in the capsule or when it’s time to order new capsules. The app can also assist with pairing wines to your mood. Just tell the app what you’re planning on eating and watching or listening to and it will suggest wines for you. Coravin tapped wine journaling and discovery app maker, Delectable, to provide the wine information with in Moments, so the wine selection should be pretty vast and constantly growing.

Both the Model Eleven and Coravin Moments are expected to be released in September 2018. —JB

LEVO Oil Infuser

Bring some high-tech to your oil and butter infusions with a LEVO oil infuser. The LEVO automates the infusion process while still providing complete control of infusion time and temperature. This allows you to control the color, scent and, most importantly, flavor of your infusion creations. The LEVO is currently in the final stages of production but is available now for pre-order in three colors—black, copper and silver—and is expected to ship late May/early June. —JB

KitchenAid Artisan Black Tie Stand Mixer

A KitchenAid stand mixer can be spotted in the kitchen of many serious home cooks, bakers and chefs. The iconic mixer is known for its quality as much as it is for its many colors—it’s available in 85 colors and finishes. Now for the first time ever KitchenAid has released their first monochromatic stand mixer, the Artisan Black Tie Stand Mixer. With only 500 being sold in the US, the Artisan Black Tie is a limited edition all-black 5-quart stand mixer featuring a Cast Iron like textured finish combined with satin and black chrome, die cast zinc and a black stainless steel bowl. Even the included beater and dough hook are black. The Artisan Black Tie is available exclusively from KitchenAid’s online store. —JB

Stagg EKG & EKG+

Building upon the success of their Stagg pour-over kettle, coffee brewing equipment maker, Fellow, has announced the Stagg EKG and EKG+ electric pour-over kettles. Both kettles share the award winning design esthetics of the original and can achieve a variable range of temperatures from 135°F to 212°F. There is also a convenient hold feature that will maintain water temperature for up to 30 minutes once your desired temperature has been reached. The EKG+ adds bluetooth connectivity and is compatible with Acaia’s Brewer app, allowing you to remotely power the EKG+ on/off, set and monitor the current temperature and keep track of your brewing recipes. The Stagg EKG/EKG+ are available now on Kickstarter with shipping estimated to begin in September 2017. —JB

Nomad Portable Espresso Machine

Don’t let the Nomad fool you. Though it may look simple—and dare I say toy-like—the Nomad from UniTerra Inc. is a serious, portable espresso machine. Unlike the majority of portable espresso makers on the market right now, the Nomad is capable of achieving up to 10 bars of pressure, controllable by the user. This allows for optimal brewing and, what’s more, their patented True Creme Valve helps ensure you pull a perfect shot every time by compensating for coffee grounds and tamping variations. —JB

Kalamazoo Smoker Cabinets

Outdoor kitchen experts, Kalamazoo, have released two new smokers; a 36 inch built-in smoker cabinet and a 42 inch freestanding cabinet. Designed to match their cabinetry collection—though they would look great in any outdoor kitchen or cooking area—these smokers are both beautiful and efficient. Using a computer controlled blower and an insulted, gravity-feed system working together they are capable of maintaining 225°F for up to 16 hours on a single seven pound of charcoal. Both models will begin shipping in late February 2017. —JB

Hario Cold-Brew Jug & Pitcher

Brew your next batch of cold-brew in style with Hario’s two latest additions in their Mizudashi (cold-brew method) collection. As simple in design as they are in use, both brewers consist of a removable stainless steel strainer and a 8-cup capacity glass carafe—with the only difference being the pour-spout and integrated handle on the pitcher. To brew, simply fill the stainless steel strainer with your favorite freshly ground beans. Next, slowly pour cold water over the grounds until they are completely submerged and the carafe is full. Then place the unit in the refrigerator and let sit for 8 hours. Once your brew is done, remove the strainer and enjoy. —JB